Candy King, by Drip More, is a great line of sweet vape juice that will take you back to your childhood. They have an entire line of fruit and berry flavors that you will love to vape.

They also have a great selection of nicotine salts that provide you with a fuller hit that you need.

Sour Worms

Sour Worms from Candy King takes your favorite gummy worm candies and makes them into a vape juice that you can enjoy on the go.

The inhale has a strawberry taste with subtle hints of cherries and raspberries – it also features a lime and lemon that kept a low profile during the initial draw, but adds a balanced sour flavor when the orange comes into play during the sour sugar finish.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

Taking a spin on your favorite bubblegum candy, Candy King has rolled out their latest offering in the form of Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum. This is a flavor that blends succulent strawberries and crisp watermelon to create an intensely satisfying vaping experience.

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish from Candy King is a fruit-flavored gummy treat that’s a staple for kids. It’s also a favorite among adults, thanks to its delicious and unique flavor and shape.

The candies are made with inverted sugar syrup, which means they’re chewy without gelatin.

Blueberry Vanilla

The experts at Drip More have partnered with the Candy King to bring you an exceptional e-liquid that will leave your taste buds enamored.